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Our Sales Support processes accelerate revenue growth and improve profitability by targeting your prospects through multiple channels, with a human touch. Focusing on controlling and reducing operating costs, we re-engineer the sales processes to reduce the time-to-market. Our agents deliver excellent conversation rates at a low cost per sale, helping you increase the value of every client relationship.
Our sales conversion methodology moves qualified leads from identification to sold accounts. The results are quantifiable, measurable and repeatable, which leads to better management and superior results. Each time your customers initiate contact with us, whether by toll-free number, e-mail, or web chat, they become an attentive and willing audience. We look at the complete picture of a sales transaction, including opportunities to decrease the cost of customer acquisition, increase order values, and save-the-sale efforts with unsatisfied customers.
We do provide best services in designing cross-sell and up-sell programs, order processing and providing field support to sales.

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