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The high-tech industry is undergoing a remarkable, albeit disruptive change: shorter product cycles and increased mobility through social, mobile, cloud and e-enablement are transforming the way tech companies do business. Their ability to quickly bring new products to market, innovate, manage sourcing and supply chains in a cost-effective way, and respond quickly to changes in demand and supply are vital for the growth of this industry. But how do organizations facing cautious consumer spending, stiff competition, and increased research and development costs succeed? By becoming an intelligent enterprise.
With a deep focus on process effectiveness and efficiency across core enterprise processes spanning finance and accounting (F&A), supply chain, customer service and analytics, We provide innovative ideas, converting challenges to opportunities and delivering business impact for more than 20 companies globally. By focusing on business outcomes, we help high-tech clients make their processes smarter in areas such as revenue accounting, sales force commission, customer care service, product support, inventory optimization, renewals management, sourcing management, procurement services, technical support services and consumer analytics.

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