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Business Process Outsourcing: Transfer the Burden, Transform the Process

We provide the total IT solutions to every need of business from developing a website to financial services; we have two wings of our group:

WDP Technologies Private Limited: A one stop solution for the business tool developments and to take it to global reach by the means of information technology. We do design & development to the specific needs of very business and every client.

Simplified eSolutions Private Limited: A one stop solution for all the financial management aspects of your esteemed business which includes a large number of services which we provide by our most experienced and calibrated team.

Simplified e Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a team of distinguished chartered accountants, corporate financial advisors and tax consultants in India, US and Australia. Our company represents a coalition of specialized skills that is geared to offer sound financial solutions and advices. The organization is a congregation of professionally qualified and experienced persons who are committed to add value and optimize the benefits accruing to clients.

As it is known that India is the 7th largest and 2nd most populous country in the world. It is also the 3rd largest economy in the world in  terms of PPP. A series of ambitious economic reforms aimed at deregulating the economy and stimulating foreign investment has moved India firmly into the front runners of the rapidly growing Asia Pacific Region and unleashed the latent strength of a complex and rapidly changing nation. Today India is one of the most exciting emerging markets in the world. Skilled managerial and technical manpower that matches the best available in the world and a middle class whose size exceeds the population of the USA or the European Union, provide India with a distinct cutting edge in global competition. India’s time tested institutions offer foreign investors a transparent environment that guarantees the security of their long term investments. These include a free and vibrant press, a well established judiciary, a sophisticated legal and accounting system and a user friendly intellectual infrastructure. India’s dynamic and highly competitive private sector has long been the backbone of its economic activity and offers considerable scope for foreign direct investment, joint ventures and collaborations.

Chartered Accountants play a very vital role in setting up and running of business in India. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is the governing body of the Chartered Accountants in India. Chartered Accountants perform all the activities which are taken up by Certified Practicing Accountants in most parts of the world.
We are registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India and our team is specialized in QuickBooks Accounting, Peachtree Accounting, Quicken Home Accounting, Sage Line50 Accounting, MYOB, CBS (Client Bookkeeping Solution), SAP and Oracle. Australian Tax Returns, U.S. Tax Returns and  U.K. Tax Returns.  Company has excellent infrastructure for outsourcing centers for data processing, taking up the projects of BPO and KPO .

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